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Just south of downtown Salt Lake City with a backdrop of the Wasatch Mountains, SugarHouse is the up and coming place to live. It combines the urban living experience with the quiet charm of tree-lined streets and a small town neighborhood vibe.

SugarHouse has mostly everything you could be looking for but it’s proximity to downtown Salt Lake makes it easy to branch out.  The new SugarHouse street car, or S-Line, provides easy access to the entire Salt Lake valley. This public transport line makes it easy to hit a Jazz basketball game, check out your favorite band, or enjoy downtown’s diverse bar and restaurant scene. I-80 makes its way through the area and links the area to I-15, making commuting easy and convenient while connecting the area to the greater Salt Lake valley.

Prefer more human powered modes of transportation?  Again SugarHouse comes through.  Most all streets have the pedestrian and biker stamp of approval.  So break out your fixie and hit the road.

Money burning a hole in your pocket?  The business district just off of I-80 makes the shopping experience fast and enjoyable with plenty of local shops to support.  The area has a variety of food markets, clothing and book stores, a dollar movie theater, restaurants, and other shopping experiences.

Once the sun sets and it’s time to head inside for a bite and brew there are plenty of options to keep you hopping.  One of our favorites is a relative newcomer, The Annex.  By the founders of Epic Brewing it offers local fare paired with their award winning beers.  Right down the road is another one of our faves, Estes Pizza.  Being from Philadelphia, besides cheesesteaks, pizza is sacred.  This is one of few pizza joints in the area that gets it right.   SugarHouse Pub matches the personality of the locals and is, according to City Weekly, “hip without being hipster”. It not only attracts the college crowd, but professionals. It serves many of the other local brews, such as Squatters, Wasatch, and Uinta, plus a number of imported beers.  Sugarhouse Coffee is a wonderful place to get together with friends. It offers vegan chili and soups, plus sandwiches, homemade pastries and of course their signature coffee.

It’s impossible to talk about SugarHouse without mentioning SugarHouse Park.  Smack dab in the middle of the area, it always has something going on. It covers 110.5 acres and has everything you could want to do, baseball diamonds, soccer pitch, basketball courts, play sets, running loops and pavilions.  Farmers Markets in the summer and fireworks on 4th of July.  It is the heart and soul of SugarHouse.

In our humble opinion the proximity to the Wasatch Mountains is the highlight of SugarHouse.  Just a 10 minute drive and you can be on your mountain bike or lacing your trail running shoes.  What’s so great about the Wasatch Mountains?  Let me break it down for you… hiking (duh), mountain biking (yup), rock climbing (uh huh), stand up paddle boarding, boating, fishing (check, double check, mega triple check), and of course the all time best ever skiing and snowboarding.

All in all we’re pretty big fans of SugarHouse.  It’s why we call it home.


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