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Tea Grotto

No matter if you’re happy, cranky, stuck in a day from hell or having the time of your life, everything gets even better with a simple cup of tea. And that counts triple if you take in that tea at the Tea Grotto. This amazing tea shop is nestled at 401 E. 900 South, right around the corner from Liberty Park. And walking into the chill and relaxing space is like walking into a great big hug.

Awesome Atmosphere

The first thing you’ll note is the awesome atmosphere. We’re sure the careful decorating selections have a bit to do with generating that vibe, especially since the décor includes homey, reclaimed wood and a stunning concrete tea bar. But we’re also convinced the atmosphere is further enhanced by the fabulous energy steeping from every corner.

Local shop owners Brad and Molly Heller founded the place in 2004, and the Tea Grotto team is exceptionally keen on tea knowledge. With the shop’s multitude of varieties, that’s quite a feat. You can also enjoy tea-infused baked goodies and blended tea drinks, with one of our faves being those darling tapioca balls known as boba.

Relaxing Routine

Making the Tea Grotto a regular stop in your daily routine can stop those aforementioned days from hell before they even start. And the place makes it enticing to come by frequently. Weekly tea tastings and weekly “Tea and Qi” morning tea meditations are two hot options. Simply meeting up with pals is a third. You can really go all out and rent the space for your next big event, or have your event catered with Tea Grotto’s special selection of foods and tea drinks.

Even if you can’t make it to the Tea Grotto as often as you like, you can still enjoy the teas. The website offers an online tea shop. Just don’t make the online ordering a habit, as you wouldn’t want to miss out on the delightful vibe that can cure the blahs, enhance your happiness and kick bad ole cranky to the curb.

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