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I’m Tim. I’ve been working in Utah Real Estate for 10 years now. I’ve found that Salt Lake is such a rad place to live.

I love to work, and work hard, so that I can play… and the mountains provide a lot of play for me. I am a fairly active guy, and whether it’s climbing, snowboarding, hiking, or camping : I love to be outdoors. One of my favorite things is to hitch up Dottie (my camper) and take off for the weekend to nearby state or national parks, or secret spots off the beaten track with my little lady (not Dottie).

Originally from the east coast, my wife and I moved to Utah 12 years ago. We came for the snow, but stayed for the community. This little city has a lot to offer on the cultural and social scenes. And as pumped as I am about my life here, I would love to help you find your passion for where you live too!

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