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Have you ever had food that looked so good you didn’t want to eat it?  Me either.  But this is pretty darn close.

Allow me to introduce Food Made by Tom.  Tom Call is a San Francisco chef of 17 years who picked up his cutlery and made the move to SLC.  Now making his mark in the growing Salt Lake culinary experience through catering, pop-up events, group and private cooking classes.

As a visitor/attendee/eater of a few of Tom’s private and pop-up dinners I can attest that each meal is an experience.  Tom sources local food and personally creates a unique menu which fits the guests and the season.

For instance, our most recent Food Made by Tom dinner experience was a 5 course meal:

1 Cucumber Carpaccio – calabrese, summer vegatables, home-smoked feta

2 Heirloom Tomato Tartar – avocado mousse, semolina crisp, beets, basil

3 Dungeness Crab Bisque – cauliflower panna cotta, meyer lemon, spring onion

4 Crisp Organic Chicken – peas, morel mushroom, buttermilk, fennel emulsion

5 Roasted Peach Galette – almond caramel, white thyme gelato

Each round brought new flavors and a freshness that is, unfortunately, difficult to find in many restaurants.  But, the best part about this incredible dinner was that all of it was prepared and served in the backyard of one of our good friends.

A 5 star meal locally sourced, prepared, and served by a San Francisco chef on the back deck of a home in Salt Lake City?! (you exclaim incredulously)  I kid you not.

Tom is an all-star chef.  He is an artist and your taste buds are the canvas.  There are many different ways to enjoy a meal prepared by Tom, check out his website or Instagram feed to see more details on how to enjoy his culinary creations.




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